Honestly, my blogs is a mix of anything and everything

I don’t have a consistent posting schedule (At least once a week or biweekly)

Created in  May 24, 2014, and almost always abandoned (sorry).


State of Mind

I think having friends and people to talk to is really important.

I did state that 2017 was a bad year. I had 3 panic attacks in December and 1 in January. I’ve always had panic attacks, but I only realized it late 2017. I had two bad ones during school in December. All of them were in school.

I think that I may have anxiety and depression? I don’t wanna self diagnose or say anything for attention.

My very first panic attack was in 4th grade. Ever since then, I’ve had many degrading events that really sticks to me. It affects how I think everyday. I really cannot stop overthinking about everything.

At night, I usually think about my past and future and I get stressed thinking about what I can’t change.

I’m a lonely person. If you see me, you may think, “she has a nice group of friends”, but I always feel like the 5th wheel in everything. I get left out on hangouts and I’m not included in conversations.

I’m not happy with anything. I feel like I’m dragging a sack of rocks everyday just to do anything. I’ve been feeling all of this since a few years ago. I don’t feel accomplished, satisfied, or anything. I think I’m a burden and selfish for everything I do. I’m in a state of mind where I have nothing to look forward to. What can I really do for anyone? I don’t make people happy. I don’t wanna speak about how I’m really feeling because I feel very selfish. I keep in mind for me to shut my mouth and listen. I do feel jealous of everyone else. I can’t seem to find anything bad in other people’s life.

I think I conceal everything well because no one notices.

Most days, I lay in my bed after I get home and do nothing except take a 3 hour nap. I repeat this usually everyday. I’m in bed at 10:30 and can’t sleep until 12.

I stopped doing art because I don’t have any motivation. It all looks like shit. Running doesn’t help my mood.

I recently got bangs (on Thursday) I decided on Sunday. I don’t hate it or love it. It’s just there.

I’ll talk about everything in more depth tomorrow. I’m done for today.

How to add a page

You need to create a page first.

To do this, there are two options that I know.


sitepage.PNG Add a page by clicking the button on your “My Sites” tab. The page option should be under “manage”.

2.   In the WordPress admin dashboard, there is an option of creating a page.

To get there, it is under the “Configure” heading on the same tab as the previous option.

“Add new” button 

Now you make your page.

Step 2:

To add the page to the menu bar on your site, we need to head there.

click the “WP Admin”

First, head to the admin dashboard by clicking on “WP Admin”.

Step 3:

The menu option should be under “Appearance”.


Step 4:

This should show up. If your beginning a new menu, yours would be empty.



Step 5:

Select which pages you want to add in


Step 6:

Click “Add to Menu” below the pages box.add

The page you selected should show up in the giant “Menu Selection” box.


These pages look like this on the site:

“Test” does not have any drop down option 

To make the drop down options under a page, you need to drag the page (that you want to be the sub item) under the main one.


Notice how “Contact me” is labeled a sub item of “About”. That means that it looks like the picture below when done.


If you want to get extra fancy, you can add a sub-sub page. It’s called a sub page.


You just repeat all the steps above.



That’s it! Pretty simple, right? Now go create your pages and menus! Customize them according to what you want your content to be.

Blog Aesthetic Update

Hey, so did I tell you I changed the whole look of the blog?

Well you should go check it out 😉             YourselfINeedSomeAssuranceItWasSoStressfulTofindDividers.

I’m working towards changing the content pretty soon (it’ll be done by the end of Friday).

Alright it’s a goodnight from me (11:30 P.M. in my timezone).

2018 Goals

I wanted to start off the beginning of the new year with some goals that I want and should keep.

I know my promises to myself are usually ones I can’t keep *abandoning the blog*, but I want to try harder and improve that. It’s a simple (not really) list this year.

  • Get into traditional inking
  • Start water coloring this year
  • Calligraphy/hand lettering
  • Be able to run at least 2 miles without walking by track season (March)
  • Save money
  • Keep a moderate diet
  • Keep up bullet journal
  • Being productive
  • Time manage

Now let’s wait and update on how I’m doing with these goals.

So far, it’s been not as I hoped it to be. I spent most of my money already, so that goal needs work. I really haven’t been practicing inking or drawing at all. The list goes on;my  diet is out the door, productivity has been okay, and running is doing less than fine. I do have some goals that I’ve been able to keep: bullet journal and hand lettering.

Yes, improvements need to be made, but I’l keep this updated in a couple of week or so.

(I’ll be posting at least once a week).



Back.. for the 100th time

     I’m sorry to suddenly pop up here just to ramble about my life again. Well no excuses, I do make a lot of inconsistant posts and repeat the similar topics. I should be back posting at least once a week. I came back honestly just to see if I remebered my password and username. I also do miss reading what people are up to. 

     A promise that was held a while ago: have I been keeping my goals? Well…. Not enough for it to be an accomplishment. I had 3 simple things to follow throughtout the summer: running endurance to increase, practice drawing, and eat healthier. My endurance has gone to shit since last season (I wasn’t even that good). My best time was 18:23 for 1.8 miles on a medium hilly terrain with some rocky mud (I know people have different perspectives on what “medium” is, but I rather not insert a picture of it right now). I went from running 1.8 miles in 25 minutes to cutting it to 19 during Sept-mid Nov. Ever since then, I haven’t been too active. Now it has bit a chunk out of my ass. Summer break started on June 1, and I think I’ve been to the gym to run at least 10 times. I do feel self concious when people stare as I’m jogging up and down my street. Remember that I’m out of breath and mostly walking. Cross country and school are fastly creeping up. I’ve started to doubt if I should join. With the rest of my goals, I haven’t been touching pencil and paper at the same time since school ended. Oh, and the “eating healthy” hasn’t worked out for more than a week. Everything is a wreak. Three weeks to either catch up on running or pay the price of procrasination and an angry friend? 

     For the past month or so, I made a habit of sleeping very late. It started with me getting tired at around 3-4 a.m. into 7-8 a.m. or not sleeping at all.  I really need to get into sleeping at a decent time before it catches up to me. I do have zquil (a non addictive sleeping aid) to help just in case.

     I need to get summer homework done and along with a few other goals mentioned. I just need 4 days to complete it. I’m much more worried about running than anything else.

     Let me know if you kept your resolutions.

Inking art+other crap I’ve been doing


My most feared part (next to coloring).

Inking is not my thing right now. I know I should practice to get better, but I struggle with finishing any sketches. It’s not a valid excuse, I understand. Everyday drawing seems like a chore now, and maybe someday it’s gonna halt into a complete stop. I hope not. I’ll keep on working on it and see how thing go.

Getting to my life. I set a goal for this year to have a better lifestyle. The overall change is to eat healthy, get more toned, and have confidence. I am trying to lose my fat. Yes, I did do huge amounts of research about exercise plans, diet (how you eat), and tracking macros. I’ve set schedules for the whole week to keep school and this goal organized. It’s been very smooth so far.