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Created in  May 24, 2014, and almost always abandoned (sorry).


Blog Aesthetic Update

Hey, so did I tell you I changed the whole look of the blog?

Well you should go check it out 😉             YourselfINeedSomeAssuranceItWasSoStressfulTofindDividers.

I’m working towards changing the content pretty soon (it’ll be done by the end of Friday).

Alright it’s a goodnight from me (11:30 P.M. in my timezone).

2018 Goals

I wanted to start off the beginning of the new year with some goals that I want and should keep.

I know my promises to myself are usually ones I can’t keep *abandoning the blog*, but I want to try harder and improve that. It’s a simple (not really) list this year.

  • Get into traditional inking
  • Start water coloring this year
  • Calligraphy/hand lettering
  • Be able to run at least 2 miles without walking by track season (March)
  • Save money
  • Keep a moderate diet
  • Keep up bullet journal
  • Being productive
  • Time manage

Now let’s wait and update on how I’m doing with these goals.

So far, it’s been not as I hoped it to be. I spent most of my money already, so that goal needs work. I really haven’t been practicing inking or drawing at all. The list goes on;my  diet is out the door, productivity has been okay, and running is doing less than fine. I do have some goals that I’ve been able to keep: bullet journal and hand lettering.

Yes, improvements need to be made, but I’l keep this updated in a couple of week or so.

(I’ll be posting at least once a week).



Back.. for the 100th time

     I’m sorry to suddenly pop up here just to ramble about my life again. Well no excuses, I do make a lot of inconsistant posts and repeat the similar topics. I should be back posting at least once a week. I came back honestly just to see if I remebered my password and username. I also do miss reading what people are up to. 

     A promise that was held a while ago: have I been keeping my goals? Well…. Not enough for it to be an accomplishment. I had 3 simple things to follow throughtout the summer: running endurance to increase, practice drawing, and eat healthier. My endurance has gone to shit since last season (I wasn’t even that good). My best time was 18:23 for 1.8 miles on a medium hilly terrain with some rocky mud (I know people have different perspectives on what “medium” is, but I rather not insert a picture of it right now). I went from running 1.8 miles in 25 minutes to cutting it to 19 during Sept-mid Nov. Ever since then, I haven’t been too active. Now it has bit a chunk out of my ass. Summer break started on June 1, and I think I’ve been to the gym to run at least 10 times. I do feel self concious when people stare as I’m jogging up and down my street. Remember that I’m out of breath and mostly walking. Cross country and school are fastly creeping up. I’ve started to doubt if I should join. With the rest of my goals, I haven’t been touching pencil and paper at the same time since school ended. Oh, and the “eating healthy” hasn’t worked out for more than a week. Everything is a wreak. Three weeks to either catch up on running or pay the price of procrasination and an angry friend? 

     For the past month or so, I made a habit of sleeping very late. It started with me getting tired at around 3-4 a.m. into 7-8 a.m. or not sleeping at all.  I really need to get into sleeping at a decent time before it catches up to me. I do have zquil (a non addictive sleeping aid) to help just in case.

     I need to get summer homework done and along with a few other goals mentioned. I just need 4 days to complete it. I’m much more worried about running than anything else.

     Let me know if you kept your resolutions.

Inking art+other crap I’ve been doing


My most feared part (next to coloring).

Inking is not my thing right now. I know I should practice to get better, but I struggle with finishing any sketches. It’s not a valid excuse, I understand. Everyday drawing seems like a chore now, and maybe someday it’s gonna halt into a complete stop. I hope not. I’ll keep on working on it and see how thing go.

Getting to my life. I set a goal for this year to have a better lifestyle. The overall change is to eat healthy, get more toned, and have confidence. I am trying to lose my fat. Yes, I did do huge amounts of research about exercise plans, diet (how you eat), and tracking macros. I’ve set schedules for the whole week to keep school and this goal organized. It’s been very smooth so far.

Winter Break

Break just started and I feel stress free. The teachers decided to jam pack exams and due dates before break. I understand because no one want to have a exam or test right after break. 

During the break I plan to continue pilates and cardio workouts. Each day I set a goal to be productive with hobbies, homework, or personal tasks. I want to get back into drawing and practicing, but I’m gonna finish homework first. I probably have nothing to do over break. I’ll plan as I go… 

Youtube Channel

No, if your thinking that I’m creating one, you’re wrong. It’s actually  Youtube channels that I have been watching since 2012.

I’ll give you hints. They’re going to be mostly inside jokes that you either don’t get or will get right away.

They first started out as two college kids creating skits and videos for fun. Now, they are on their progress of a TV show and a movie. These are few of the inside jokes.

  • “We’re on a beach”
  • Watering fake plants
  • “Wooooooow”
  • Las Vegas
  • Hawaii
  • office
  • Weapons
  • L.A., CA (location)
  • instruments
  • 5 main channels.
  • 4 personal active channels
  • G.K. aka G.A.
  • B.K. (starting abbreviations of the people, not all of them?
  • J.J.
  • J.O
  • J.C.
  • C.C.
  • T.R.
  • D.S.
  • G.D.
  • B.C.
  • J.M.
  • T.T (He left the company)
  • B.K. and G.K. are married and have a gym together
  • J.J. and J.M. are dating
  • T.R. and C.C. are engaged
  •  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”


I have no idea why I’m creating this. If you do know who these are, then please comment because I know we’ll get along.